Freitag, 10. April 2009

suzy andrews - der kommissar

'alles klar herr kommissar'! this is a killer version by suzy andrews of falcos super hit from the same year as the original 1982. the head behind suzy andrews was the german producer-legend peter hauke, (the man behind supermax and many more) this is one reason why this track is so great. the vocals from suzy sounds like the rappin parts of tom tom clubs 'wordy rappinghood' in addition with the incredible beat of 'der kommissar'. finally i found one sealed original copy from 1982 in 'canada' (released on the german label x-records), over the years the inlay is turned from white in a dirty brown-yellow, thats real vintage how i like.


Unknown hat gesagt…

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enjoy.......:) ~john

Unknown hat gesagt…

I've received all of the songs for a couple of Suzy albums. I'd be happy to forward them onto you if you're interested. hit me back if so. John

Anonym hat gesagt…

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