Dienstag, 28. April 2009

fake - frogs in spain

thanks for the excessive saturday night at lola-montez, we had so much fun. for everybody who wasn't there i present one of the my prime-time bombs from this night. it is from the swedish group fake who was produced in italy by d.i.d. records. aahhh, you know the man behind d.i.d. records? it was nobody other than alessandro novaga, one of the most legendary names in italien disco music that ever there was. if you are interested about alessandro go to 'magicwavesradio.blogspot.com' there is an long very interesting interview with him. oki doki, now read the interview and enjoy frogs in spain.

Dienstag, 21. April 2009

port-o-spain - raving on the beach

summer summer i can't wait! raving on the beach thats what we want to do all the time! this track is a cool mixture between reggae, ska and disco by port o spain (port o spain released only this track in 1982). i often play this tune in my sets and every time it is a floorfiller no one can't stay still because of this happy vibe the track emanates. sorry for less sound quality my record is played very often but so you get the real vintage sound!

...cool champagne on ice...

Sonntag, 19. April 2009

risque - starlight

oh yes, the bad weather from last days is over. when i wake up today the sun is shining through my window and i think? nice warm weather outside the right time to make a barbecue in the evening! here we have the perfect track after the sun goes down when you are filled up (steaks, salad, potatoes, beer,... mmh) to hang around, listen to nice music and watch to the falling stars. thats romantic, really. this dreamly track from the dutch group risque from 1982 is very easy to find in the web if you are interested to get one copy.

i ♥ tepid summernights

Samstag, 18. April 2009

bangles - dub like an egyptian (todd terje edit)

next round with one of the cool todd terje edits. i think no mainstream 80's party without the original by the 'bangles' but we are not mainstream so we prever this nice dub edit by todd terje of 'walk like an egyptian'. at the right moment a nice tune to fill-up the dancefloor. so let the party get started!

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

powerline - watching you

funky weather, funky spirit and funky music!
the right nice cool easy disco/funk track by powerline to hang around in the park and smoke some cigarettes and drink a cool beer and enjoy life. this is what i did the last days! about the music, powerline is andy sojka who is also the man behind atmosfear (dancing in outerspace) and the producer of many other cool disco/funk/boogie tracks. this record is whenever very hard to find and expensive but if you are crazy choose the one at discogs, look at the price!

Samstag, 11. April 2009

calice - shaking romance

i had a few shaking romances,oooohh, you too?
here we have a cool dark and slow italo/synth-pop song from calice. who is calice? calice was produced by one unknown italian guy, i don't write down the name i think no one knowes them and during their creative period they only made a few songs but the man who made the mix for this record was maurizio marsico ('funk sumatra' nice italo bomb on discomagic-records, look). back to this, only one record on the italien label franton was released as calice, it comprised only two tracks, 'shaking romance' and 'sadomaso', yes 'sadomaso' hot. the record is a very hard to find gem, i think for the real italo-collectors and italo-fans because the populace can't do anything with it. i like! and you like?

Freitag, 10. April 2009

suzy andrews - der kommissar

'alles klar herr kommissar'! this is a killer version by suzy andrews of falcos super hit from the same year as the original 1982. the head behind suzy andrews was the german producer-legend peter hauke, (the man behind supermax and many more) this is one reason why this track is so great. the vocals from suzy sounds like the rappin parts of tom tom clubs 'wordy rappinghood' in addition with the incredible beat of 'der kommissar'. finally i found one sealed original copy from 1982 in 'canada' (released on the german label x-records), over the years the inlay is turned from white in a dirty brown-yellow, thats real vintage how i like.

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

futura 2000 & the clash - the escapades of futura 2000 (dub)

sorry for less posting the last days but the spring is here in town with such a nice warm and sunny weather outside, yes uuuuh and with all the corresponding things like the girls in the streets, shit they are so hot with her short clothes and hot legs. ok lets get back to music here is a cool easy 80s oldschool track who was produced by the legendary english punk rock group the clash and written by futura 2000 and mick jones (lead guitar, vocals and songwriter from the clash, he shouldn't be confused with mick jones from foreigner) in the year 1982. this is the right track to cruise with your homies in your old chevi cabriolet through the streets and check up the...!

Freitag, 3. April 2009