Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

cristiano - canzone.mp3

cristiano - canzone [deut. - die lieder], [eng. - song]

1. uwe buschkötter - powerdrive
2. starbow - voyager II 'at 33rpm'
3. dr. dragon & the oriental express - the bamboo
4. network - space survivor 'inst.'
5. zeus - europium
6. angie bee - bella di plastica
7. gloria - ping pong space 'vocal'
8. wiretap - x-rated man
9. valery allington - stop
10. strike one - can't touch me anymore 'inst.'

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

kim harlow - who's on the line

aaaaaaah, who's on the line?! fuck, i forgot to switch off my phone, i need calmness to make my new mix but every five minutes another one called me. result: no concentration, bad mixing and a bad feeling. ok after the seventh beginning i aborted to make a mix. i adjourn my intention with the new mix up to the weekend but at least one more rip-off by one of the tracks from the playlist. kim harlow's - who's on the line - ultra rare track arranged by slim pezin (arpadys, voyage...) in 1978. the picture is taken from the 7inch (philips france) because my 12inch (philips canada) have a quite worse london-recordings sleeve. enough now i'm tired so enjoy this one and i hope i'll get peace next weekend!

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

flemming dalum - italo space boogie.mp3

yeah, yesterday i got very happy if 'flemming dalum' send me the link to his new mix, as always pure and never heard 'italo space boogie' for your pleasure.

1. space invaders – space warriors
2. gèraldina danon – electric eyes
3. scorpio - they call me scorpio
4. marco sabiu – start
5. crazy mama – crazy
6. live fashion – bicycle song
7. roberto ronzio – sash
8. laura d'anglo – follow me
9. umberto tabbi – ciao sicillano
10. adolf stern – more i like it
11. marco sabiu – libano
12. the pussy cat fan club – cha cha
13. mauro falzoni – no senor
14. paul marino – stuntman
15. dry ice – don’t shoot me
16. rosa fumetto – crazy chat
17. rosanne ruffini - i cavalieri del thé
18. video blitz – holyday
19. laredo – veliero
20. fiorella gentile – radio stereo

picture is taken by his good friend 'morten' at one of their trips to 'a'ltro mondo studio' in rimini.
... showes 'the creatures' from the fantastic live show in 1986.

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

gloria - ping pong space (inst.)

one more rare and very cheesy early italo-disco nugget from 1978 by the italian actress and singer (or maybe ping-pong player?) gloria piedimonte. i share the more dancefloor friendly instrumental version because the vocal version is considerably more cheesy with some annoying parts. 'ping pong space' was only released as a 7 inch on durium and that's the reason why it is so short but it is the perfect base for an new edit! ok later, now let's play ping-pong.

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

niles - muziki.mp3

i am back from london and it is the perfect time for this new guest mix from the 'isle'. it is from niles our friend from manchester who is running with baggy the great new page . (last 4 years 'muiziki' is a killer mix mainly full of obscure and never heard stuff so listen and enjoy like we do!

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

london calling!

tomorrow i jet off to london till next monday, so this is my the last post for this week!