Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

c.d. band - hoodoo voodoo


is a religious doctrine with magical practices which was developed in the rural southern states of the united states under the afro american population. hoodoo combines elements of african and native american magic together but it also takes on others, such as european influences.

is a predominantly creole religion, which is based in haiti and some parts of america and africa. the religion is known in the western countries especially by sacrifices and the practice of white and black magic.

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

caraiba (edit)


very soft touched extended version of this killer afro disco track.

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

berry lipman and his orchestra - let's dance together


let's dance together in very very cheeeeeeese way!

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

sphinx - hot summer night


it was so boring this year because we had not enough of this hot summer nights for barbecue, hang around in the park, break in the swimming pool, watch the sunset with your girl and and and...damn, now the autumn is here.

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

number 1 ensemble - candy music


crazy and sweet like a depp-fried snickers - candy music