Montag, 29. Juni 2009


part 1

part 2

i just found this video on youtube. it's a short film by lillian franck from 1994.
the 'omen' at frankfurt was one of germany's most important techno clubs where famous djs like sven vaeth or chris liebing started their careers. although we are focussed on disco music here you might be interested in seeing some authentic scenes fom some of germany's most influential techno roots.

Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

rock with you


Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

12zoll radioshow - 18.06.09.mp3

ultra easy and relaxed done 12 zoll radioshow with christian from frwctrl at radiostation darmstadt on thursday 18.06.09, 21pm-23pm

1. anna - systems breaking down (dance version)
2. severad heads - we have come to bless this house
3. cosmic disco - cosmic voice
4. midnight - lee douglas edit of the 'fatback band - midnight freak'
5. selection - got to be real
6. walter jones - living without your love
7. ish - don't stop
8. bon bon - leo zero edit of 'prefab sprout's - bonnie'
9. michael shrieve - transfer station blue
10. the shunters - since morning
11. babla & his orchestra - babla orchestra title music
12. voyage - from east to west
13. kikrokos - life is a jungle
14. dusty springfield - baby blue 'edit by luke howard'
15. babla & his orchestra - hamko tumpe pyar aaya
16. nacho patrol - africaspaceprogram
17. electrick dragon - davorite
18. massimiliano pagliara - i love you and that's me
19. mauno kalevi - supercry
20. nacho patrol - mind world
21. babla & his orchestra - soniye tera chahe jo bhi hona
22. voyage - ?
23. capricorn - capricorn
24. a real good time - julian love edit of 'the jacksons - living together'
25. b.b. & band - simple song
26. android - skydancer
27. fake - donna rouge
28. nacho patrol- twinotters

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009

tapps - my forbidden lover remix

hi-NRG tracks can be very annoying listen to the parts before the refrain, uuuh. ok, i think when i have time i make an edit without the horror parts. you have no time to wait? lets start for yourself. have fun!

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

five sinners - magic

this one is written/produced by one of the pioneers in the italien disco scene, celso valli. in the first years he writes the great classics for macho, azoto and tantra, to name a few. in the 80's he is involved in the so callled italo disco music and arranged tracks like peter richard's - walking in the neon (you can find it our blog),RAF - self control, matia bazar - ti siento (frwctrl's michael hit) and so on. today he arranged tracks for stars like eros ramazotti, andrea bocelli... . as five sinners he only made two tracks magic and precious lies. so let's check out the million incredible other tracks he made. ciao ciao

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

anna - systems breaking down

this is the perfect track to describe the situation in the world today! systems breaking down by anna is an rare and seminal electronic/synth-pop masterpiece from the year 1982. here we have the vocal version, the more uptempo dub (dance version) on the b-side was played by many italo and balearic dj's in the world. over and out, my computer systems breaking down.

Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

bill - space lady

a cup of coffee with my space lady in our kitchen this morning and this track, thats the perfect way to start in the lazy weekend!

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

xanadu/joe gibbs & the professionals - sure shot

in every way, this is a real sure shot. happy happy party tune to wake up the crowd. produced 1980 by joe gibbs. initially in early times he sold and repaired radio and television sets but he soon started to sell records as well because it helped to draw people into the shop. his electronics background gave him the confidence to move into music production and he built his first recording studio in 1968 in kingston jamaica. he employed such famous persons like lee perry (disco devil) and formed his studio band the professionals which was the backing for many releases. ok lets...rock, skate, roll, bounce...

Montag, 1. Juni 2009

we call it disco!.mp3

an old compilation/mix i made years ago with some of my disco faves. enjoy!

1. starship orchestra - you are a star
2. odyssey - easy come easy go
3. jimmy briscoe and the beavers - into the milky way
4. daybreak - i need love
5. tata vega - get it up for love
6. gladys knight and the pips - taste of bitter love
7. mellrose - don't want start again
8. kano - i'm ready
9. edit
10. starship orchestra - new york new york
11. cloud one - doin' it all night long
12. four below zero - my baby's got e.s.p.
13. michael jackson - off the wall