Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

numero uno - tora tora tora, 7"

thats really cheeeeesy italo disco for the upcoming springtime. i like this cheap sounding stuff, real music to get happy and laugh. this is from 1984 and released on a few labels. i have the 12" and the 7" but i post the 7" version because i think after 3:20min it is enough. lets appreciate the springtime.

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

alessi - seabird

thats my last post for the next week, because i am in vienna for four days. here is one of the best songs to go on a trip. seabird by alessi brothers from the album alessi (1976), nice song to dream and think over something and look outside the window to the flying landscape. enjoy this wonderful song!

quantum jump - the lone ranger

i think we are all lone rangers in the huge desert of music.
here we have a funny disco track made 1976 by the band quantum jump. easy nice tune to conjure a smile in your face. the song became two years after he was released an unexpected hit because it was used in UK at kenny everetts radio and tv show. just an anecdote finally, i listen yesterday to the last beats in space show with dj harvey and he plays this exeptional disco track in his set too, i thought this trashy track no one plays so i got a smile in my face because other rangers like this track too.


Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

fred ventura - the years (go by)

oh yes, the years go by very very fast the last time, it is awful but this pumpin italo hit makes you happy again and blow the bad mind away.
it is from fred ventura one of my favorite italo singer. fred is still makin music his new record with i-f and ajello on clone was released the last week who features two new tracks who have never been release before. watch out both tracks are killer.
so, we go back to this old track from fred ventura, it was released on gong and zyx in the year 1985 and still sounds fresh. look for the other tracks from fred ventura there many other good ones.

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

we play at hfg offenbach 19.02.09 / 24:00

michael and i play on wednesday 19.02.09 / 24:00 at hfg offenbach.
back to NEW-YORK in the 80s with disco and italo. say cheeese

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009

plunky & oneness of juju - every way but loose (larry levan remix)

back to the early days in new-york as the paradise-garage had their glorious days. here we have two essential disco tracks, well known to everybody and must haves for every record collector and disco nerd. first we have the larry levan remix of plunky & oneness of juju`s every way but loose. one of my alltime favorites and often played in my dj-sets.

...i got to turn you on...

black ivory - mainline

it is nothing to say about the second track, if you hear it speak how so often for themselves. this is once again one of the best tracks from leroy burgess, pure dancefloor madness and the right track to let the party explode. released 1979 on buddah records.

...nothing is the same every since you came my way,...

Samstag, 14. Februar 2009

push the record-button mix.mp3

i got bored yesterday afternoon, so i had the wonderful idea listen to some of my records. i push the record-button on my tape-recorder and get started. this is a short part of the "mix" who was originated. it wasn`t intended i only play records to be up for. i think it is an acceptable result enjoyable to listen but not really good. anyway i had a nice easy afternoon. enjoy, ciao ciao christian

1. mito - unit (missing records 1983)
2. dr. dunks - the phone (whatever we want records 2008)
3. easy going - fear (banana records 1979)
4. explorer - enjaw j (x records 1982)
5. kebekelektrik - war dance ( les disques direction records 1977)
6. david keaton - space control ( disques vogue 1983)
7. kasso - walkman (f1-team 1981)
8. easy going - baby i love you (banana records 1978)

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

b.w.h. - livin` up

this one is a really big tune, i can say a hit. it was featured on many dj mixes all the years like i.f`s mixed up in hague vol.1 and dj hell`s commercial italo mix. these two are just the famoust but this track is played on many underground italo mixes too, who are made by other real italo dj`s.
lets come to the record it is a present, it contains two hits. on the other side is stop a killer track who playes in the same league as livin up. they are produced 1983 by carlo favilli and stefano zito alias mr. master (a dog in the night) and you can find it on some labels like baby records, house of music and so on.
sorry for the bad sound quality my record is in a bad condition, but so you have the real oldschool feeling.

Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

electric mind - let me love tonight

here is another cool track from electric mind, famous for tracks like can we go and summing up.real 80s sound in a cool way. released 1985 on full time records. in my opinion not the best track from electric mind but a nice easy tune.

boeing - dance on the beat

this track was made by boeing before they had the glorious idea to build airplanes. dance on the beat is no earth slide such as the airplanes sometimes have, super italian boogie. released 1982 on one of my favorite italian labels good vibes and produced by r. cucinotta a one hit wonder. real good vibes for the beginning of the evening.

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

crazy gang - telephone computer

crazy gang one of claudio simonetti`s groups, a genius producer and one of the founding fathers of italo disco.
he is the man behind capricorn, kasso, easy going... and accountable for such nice tracks like i love the piano, i need love, one more round,... .
here we have a funny dark italo track, listen to the dialogue between the computer and the chick, nice. released 1983 on the crazy gang lp we are the crazy gang on the italian label bubble.
very very hard to find and expensive record.

p.s. we are a crazy gang too !