Samstag, 11. April 2009

calice - shaking romance

i had a few shaking romances,oooohh, you too?
here we have a cool dark and slow italo/synth-pop song from calice. who is calice? calice was produced by one unknown italian guy, i don't write down the name i think no one knowes them and during their creative period they only made a few songs but the man who made the mix for this record was maurizio marsico ('funk sumatra' nice italo bomb on discomagic-records, look). back to this, only one record on the italien label franton was released as calice, it comprised only two tracks, 'shaking romance' and 'sadomaso', yes 'sadomaso' hot. the record is a very hard to find gem, i think for the real italo-collectors and italo-fans because the populace can't do anything with it. i like! and you like?

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