Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

kim harlow - who's on the line

aaaaaaah, who's on the line?! fuck, i forgot to switch off my phone, i need calmness to make my new mix but every five minutes another one called me. result: no concentration, bad mixing and a bad feeling. ok after the seventh beginning i aborted to make a mix. i adjourn my intention with the new mix up to the weekend but at least one more rip-off by one of the tracks from the playlist. kim harlow's - who's on the line - ultra rare track arranged by slim pezin (arpadys, voyage...) in 1978. the picture is taken from the 7inch (philips france) because my 12inch (philips canada) have a quite worse london-recordings sleeve. enough now i'm tired so enjoy this one and i hope i'll get peace next weekend!

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

Slim Pezin is a freakin' French genius, the three Tele Music 'Disco & Co.' volumes he did with Marc Chantereau & Pierre-Alain Dahan are the pinnacle of French discoid creativity.
This is just splendid, love hearing the archaic technological sound of a telephone being dialled! (your younger readers will be mystified by that sound!) The male/female dialogue song was born & died in the seventies and its a real shame, that moment when he goes 'I think you have the wrong number' after she has been seductively rattling on!

On a Youtube video of the 7 Inch version someone mentions there is a French version of this track, is that the "Allo Réseau" track on the flipside...I imagine she sounds deliriously hot when she sings that version.

Again no freaking copies on Discogs, you guys been shopping at Cosmic Dudes? ;)