Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

flemming dalum - italo space boogie.mp3

yeah, yesterday i got very happy if 'flemming dalum' send me the link to his new mix, as always pure and never heard 'italo space boogie' for your pleasure.

1. space invaders – space warriors
2. gèraldina danon – electric eyes
3. scorpio - they call me scorpio
4. marco sabiu – start
5. crazy mama – crazy
6. live fashion – bicycle song
7. roberto ronzio – sash
8. laura d'anglo – follow me
9. umberto tabbi – ciao sicillano
10. adolf stern – more i like it
11. marco sabiu – libano
12. the pussy cat fan club – cha cha
13. mauro falzoni – no senor
14. paul marino – stuntman
15. dry ice – don’t shoot me
16. rosa fumetto – crazy chat
17. rosanne ruffini - i cavalieri del thé
18. video blitz – holyday
19. laredo – veliero
20. fiorella gentile – radio stereo

picture is taken by his good friend 'morten' at one of their trips to 'a'ltro mondo studio' in rimini.
... showes 'the creatures' from the fantastic live show in 1986.


the saucer people hat gesagt…

I bet Flemming never imagined that 25 years later he would become a god-like Italo prophet of the weird, wonderful and ultra-rare.

Love the Creatures 'Creature' photo at the Altro Mondo club and while I full endorse the purple uniform look (aesthetically it really works), I was wondering if you could mail me the original (unless that is spookily in purple!) - big ask I know! jackamo23ATgmailcom

There is some great Youtube footage of The Creatures live stage show there...absolutely beautifully deranged(our incredibly good UK band Chrome Hoof have a good discoprog costume routine btw).

You ever seen that 1984 Italian film called 'Jocks'? set at the Altro Mondo with the Creatures appearing live! I have only ever seen clips, never seen it doing the torrent rounds or any P2P network, its become a holy grail type search for me.

Here is the official Jocks film trailer from 1984:

Here is a review of the film with footage (only Italian I am afraid) but well worth a view:

And finally here is a wonderful performance of some freaky dancing and what looks like some go-go girls on the set of Logan's Run (all under 30 I trust!) against a backdrop of The Creatures doing 'Believe In Yourself'


the saucer people hat gesagt…

I forgot to add the most direct link to the photo, a Youtube video of the Creatures 'Believe In Yourself' where you can briefly see a shot of the 'creature' in the photo FD's friend can also see a weird deformed bald-headed giant, some uber-smooth dancing moves, some girls with what looks like a satanic pentagram over the crotches of their eighties jumpsuits (trust me, its there) of the best eighties videos period, makes Ashes To Ashes look like a Richard Kern film.

"man that video is so freakin' gayrock"

V ! hat gesagt…

Rrigh, pretty freaky. But his black and white outfit is fine even now...Ehrm, did anyone get the point with trophy ? ^_^