Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

gloria - ping pong space (inst.)

one more rare and very cheesy early italo-disco nugget from 1978 by the italian actress and singer (or maybe ping-pong player?) gloria piedimonte. i share the more dancefloor friendly instrumental version because the vocal version is considerably more cheesy with some annoying parts. 'ping pong space' was only released as a 7 inch on durium and that's the reason why it is so short but it is the perfect base for an new edit! ok later, now let's play ping-pong.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I actually like vocal version more - it adds good melody and voice adds more euro-disco vibes a la Baccara, Andrea True Connection etc.

the saucer people hat gesagt…

Its astonishing no-one has done a decent re-edit of this, this blog is uber-rare cosmic disco city for me today...I must have been hunting for a decent rip of the vocal track for a couple of years (but hey I will settle for the instrumental and I guess I will wait till you run out of records and decide the only thing left to do is to post the vocal version of Ping Pong Space).

The prices of ultra-rare cosmic disco singles completely arbitary and made up on the spot?
Two copies for sale through Discogs, a near mint copy for 55 Euros courtesy of the fine purveyers of all things obscure and space-like, 'Cosmic Dudes' and the other copy, a VG plus for the record and VG for the sleeve going for, wait for it, 214 Euros! from Sweden's 'Runecosmic':

So thats a difference of 159 Euros! And the far cheaper copy is in better condition!!! Absolute madness.