Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

marzio - you'd better believe it

i am waiting for two new records then the choice is ready for my new mix. 'you'd better believe it' is the teaser. i hope the postman make me happy next week so that i am ready. the mix will contain some very rare and special choices of artists like angie bee, louise freeman, kim harlow and certainly marzio. i hope i promise not too much but i think it will be great - (you'd better) believe it!

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

Amazing track! Thats now two tracks I have heard off the 1980 Smoke On The Volcano album and now that I have seen the cover (rsuch artistic sublimity!) I think its finally getting me prepared to pay the thirty euros for the entire album (as no one has ever posted a rip as far as I am aware).
I only recently realised that Marzio is Marzio Vincenzi of Macho's I'm A Man fame, definitely one of my all time favourite albums.

Look forward to your mix, more Marzio! I understand blogs have to evolve to keep the blogger and its audience interested so it doesn't become a chore, so I totally see where you are going by including more mixes, but don't forget the remixes and re-edits entirely as thats one of the main reasons I visit because I know there is a 99% chance the selection will be excellent!