Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

FLEMMING DALUM - the early days of italo disco.mp3

a unique and amazing epic journey into the very source of italo disco. listen to a spark of sound which later became known as italo disco.

ladies and gentlemen - we bring to you, with his new mix, italo icon FLEMMING DALUM - the early day of italo disco

frwctrl is very very happy and honest to attain our favorite italo dj to make one of his awesome mixes for our blog, enjoy like we do.


Michael hat gesagt…

ULTRA COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
The mix and the selection is awesome.
Thank you for posting this!

Ciao Ragazzi

christian hat gesagt…

flemming is the best, so many never heard brilliant italo tracks, awesome!!!

anthony hat gesagt…

Hello, my name is Anthony and I live in Australia. I really love your blog, thanks for sharing such great music.
Cãn you please repost the link for Kroma "Sexy Films", it isn't working,
Thanks a lot

anthony hat gesagt…

Hi, sorry for the trouble, I have now downloaded the Kroma track,
Best regards