Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

anouschka renzi - robot love

this is a joke but not the worst. german italo disco by anouschka renzi, a lifted middle class german actress and in the late 80s a one hit wonder. many people who had nothing to do with music try to make italo and other dance music back in the 80s like anouschka. the most tracks are real shit but 'robot love' pass through the mass. it is a dark italo hi energy track for the prime time. the guy who was accountable for this, oh my god what a name, is django seelenmeyer who got famous 1985 with the absolute horrible hit 'tuut tuut'. chic a parent label of teldec released 1988 anouschka's 'robot love'. after 'robot love' anouschka apply to her actress career so it was her last record, goodbye!

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