Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

eddy trauba & m.m. greco - maccaroni radio

one of the true cosmic classics as last post for the year 2009. eddy trauba & m.m. greco's 'maccaroni radio' which still gets played as instrumental by the legend danielle baldelli at a very slow bpm. riccardo cioni produced this cool italo track in 1983 and the italian disco label master dee jay released it. 'maccaroni radio' is also featured on two essential mixes, one by flemming dalum which is called 'the amazing run in the tube' and on danielle baldelli's mix compilatation 'cosmic - the original'. zzzzzzzh, oh my god no, the maccaroni's on my cooker boil over, have a nice start in the new year 2010 and the best wishes from frwctrl !

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