Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

stephan eicher - nice

is it nice? - oh yes!
killer synth pop track from 1984 by the swiss singer and songwriter stephan eicher.(grauzone) released on the 'les chanson bleus' lp or as a 7 & 12 inch on polydor and off course records. this rip-off is from the 7 inch on polydor, the much better 12 inch is quite harder to get as the 7 inch but i'll look for it. so listen and have a nice evening!


Geoff hat gesagt…

Hi there,

Great blog. I've got the Eicher 12-inch if you want me to rip it for you. Picked this up in Berlin a while back.


the saucer people hat gesagt…

Love to hear the 12 Inch version of Stephan Eicher's 'Nice'....over to you Geoff!

Alien Delon hat gesagt…

So cool!!
This girls back vocals reminds me
russian folk singin'