Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

g.a.n.g. - incantations

take a trip in the air
to a tropical beach
an island to reach
a new territory
for an intimate story
a lagoon par la mere
it's a foreign affair

drifting and free
on a mystical sea
a wishful emotion
a drop in the ocean
a hush in the air
you can feel anywhere
in a cool twilight
on a tropical night


the saucer people hat gesagt…

G.A.N.G.'s 'Incantations' track is one my all time favourite eighties dance tracks and weirdly one of two tracks I love that use Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly's 'Foreign Affair' track, the other being Samoa Park's 'Tubular Affair'...classic tracks.

I always speed up the GANG track slightly and it becomes a cosmic disco whirlwind (though good to keep the pitch set otherwise the vocals get a tad helium-ated).

Whats weird though is the instrumental mix of Incantations is quite a few BPMs faster than the vox version, its actually cool to mix both versions together, works a treat as well as looping the guitar part after the vocals part, talk about prograwk out & discoballs!

Tiny hat gesagt…

Mine too! Always adored Oldfield's original, so I was quite pleased when hearing it first on Gary's Man Or Machine Mix. Kinda late indeed...