Samstag, 14. Februar 2009

push the record-button mix.mp3

i got bored yesterday afternoon, so i had the wonderful idea listen to some of my records. i push the record-button on my tape-recorder and get started. this is a short part of the "mix" who was originated. it wasn`t intended i only play records to be up for. i think it is an acceptable result enjoyable to listen but not really good. anyway i had a nice easy afternoon. enjoy, ciao ciao christian

1. mito - unit (missing records 1983)
2. dr. dunks - the phone (whatever we want records 2008)
3. easy going - fear (banana records 1979)
4. explorer - enjaw j (x records 1982)
5. kebekelektrik - war dance ( les disques direction records 1977)
6. david keaton - space control ( disques vogue 1983)
7. kasso - walkman (f1-team 1981)
8. easy going - baby i love you (banana records 1978)

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