Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

b.w.h. - livin` up

this one is a really big tune, i can say a hit. it was featured on many dj mixes all the years like i.f`s mixed up in hague vol.1 and dj hell`s commercial italo mix. these two are just the famoust but this track is played on many underground italo mixes too, who are made by other real italo dj`s.
lets come to the record it is a present, it contains two hits. on the other side is stop a killer track who playes in the same league as livin up. they are produced 1983 by carlo favilli and stefano zito alias mr. master (a dog in the night) and you can find it on some labels like baby records, house of music and so on.
sorry for the bad sound quality my record is in a bad condition, but so you have the real oldschool feeling.

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Michael hat gesagt…

aarrggghhhh....what aa kiLLER track!