Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

flemming dalum - the other side of italo.mp3


yeah next round with 'flemming dalum' - as always a outstanding pleasure!

synthia - nuit synthetique (unreleased bijou productions 2007)
hysteric - on earth (unreleased edit)
psyche - prisoner to desire (new rose records 1986)
bijou - marine (unreleased bijou productions 2010)
james saunders – spectra (rouge music 1982)
el deux - wir tanzen (gold records 1982)
casionova - where eagles dare (unreleased)
francis rimbert & frederick rousseau - top machine (april orchestra 1982)
radar - una splendida emicrania (wea italiana s.p.a. 1982)
bijou - run stop! (unreleased bijou productions 2008)
george fenton & ken freeman - mobile unit (kpm 1980)
rodrick - love's ok albion edit (phase 6 super stereo 1977)
radar - zona endoten (wea italiana s.p.a. 1982)
eva eva eva - invasione albion edit (rifi 1978)
kennyboy - eastendboy (folie des grandeurs records bijou productions 2005)
psyche - uncivilized (new rose records 1988)
the warlord - alpha and omega albion edit (creole 1981)
ap project – hyper gamma spaces (arista 1978)
music makers - musik makers (emi italiana s.p.a. 1982)
kaméléon - genocide hanoben shizzo edit (pro-culture 1981)
linda lee - there's no matter (cinevox 1977)
analisi 91 - disco magic (drums 1978)
dee jay roby - dance not dance (young records)
enigma - cave man (out 1979)
psyche - unveiling the secret (new rose records 1986)
el deux - computer-mädchen (gold records 1982)
barbarella - move in do it (fremus record edizioni musicali 1980
die partei – ostafrika (tausend augen 1981)
omni - green line (emi italiana s.p.a. 1980)
k. bytes - omega race (f.i.r. record)
barbarella - the queen of love (fremus record edizioni musicali 1980)
psyche - the outsider (new rose records 1988)

big thanks and shout out to:
mike salta (thanks for the artwork again!) ken dutrieue, albion, george hysteric, benji hanoben, marko könig (for the great “hg” insider tip!), ron steusfij, schobbejak/the new worck, dennis vd berg, jórg gassmann, frederic bergamaschi, david vunk, james penrose, alan chan, marcello giordani, filippo bachini, peter nederpelt, ferenc/ifm, michel van dop/radio fantasy, alex/euro-flash, spank!, dj catweasel (stefan), kai lüdeling, enrico savino, otto kraanen, michael künzer, christian beetz, jose carlos iglesias.

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