Dienstag, 5. April 2011

thursdays don't suit very well 23 - ny77

thursday 07/04, 21h at rocker 33 stuttgart

21h movie '-ny77- the coolest year in hell'
23h afterparty with christian (FRWCTRL) and rob lando (TDSVW)

“out of chaos came creation. from the south bronx came hip hop. from the lower east side, the thrashing guitars of punk. and all over the city, a disco revolution was underway. elaborate, finely crafted graffiti art decorated the subway cars and break-dancers shimmied in the streets. the sexual revolution was in full swing. in january 1977, most of this activity existed in its own underground bubble. yet by the end of the year this artistic expression was on its way to mainstream america, and would be with us for generations to come.”

i am happy if i see you tomorrow in stuttgart, ciao ciao

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