Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

marcello giordani - i don't hate italo.mp3

big honest to present you a new exclusive guest mix by marcello giordani who run the great blog 'italo-deviance' with one of the rarest choices of italo-disco. marcello also release supreme edits on his own label, check it out!

i don't hate italo:
patrizia pellegrino - il mondo da una nuvola (m.g. edit)
asso - do it again
answering service - call me mr telephone
klapto - mr game (instrumental)
pineapples - come on closer
barrabas - on the road again
kano - it's war
moodymann - shades of jae
i.m.s. - run away
marzio dance - xenon galaxy
steve doesn't drive - women and car
grand prix - cruisin'
federico - cashbah boogie
gene ramone - romantic face (instrumental)

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

Wow an exclusive Marcello Giordani mix, this blog does have friends in high places!

I totally agree with you about his edits, some are totally amazing and its well worth signing up for his free edits and getting the Italo Deviance him and Skatebard and the others post some amazingly rare records.

Though I am still hoping he will fix the broken link for the 1983 proto-house classic by Alessandro Novaga:

actually, would it be possible for one of you guys to check the above link to see if it is broken(I am pretty sure it is as I have tried to d/l it in FF/IE/Chrome and still no success) and maybe hassle Mr. G direct for a repost! If anyone has not heard it before someone has posted a couple of tracks on YT - prepare to be astonished!