Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

duncan mackay - sirius III

great cosmic classic by the english guy duncan mackay with a little mediaeval times touch. 'sirius III' was released 1978 as a 7 inch single on pepper records in the uk. i am happy to have on of this rare copies but it is to short, only 3 minutes. fortunately there is redress, duncan made 1981 a longer 12inch with more power and some small changes in the track arrangement and over 'siriusIII' would be 'siriusIII mark II', as always a very very hard to get record. i am searching over it since a while but there is no one in sight, so for the beginning enjoy 'siriusIII'.

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

You will be pleased to know that the legend that is Beppe Loda released the 12 Inch Mark II version on his "Typhoon" compilation:

Here is a link to the track:

Here is a link to the compilation which has some amazing rarities on it as you can imagine:

I am not sure if its just me but the drums seem a little heavier on the 7 Inch version than the 12 Inch version on the Beppe Loda release...I think both versions need mixing together and to be honest I am astonished someone like JAZ/Loud-E/PsycheMagick etc has not put out a re-edit of this classic yet though I imagine someone somewhere in the world is doing it right now!

Anyway, so glad I can help after all the great music you have turned me on to!