Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

smiles - n. 1,4 / magnetic dance

'smile'(s), the world was not absorbed by a black-hole yesterday such as some slasher and addled people suspected. the 'magnetic dance' at the atom-smasher in switzerland went like a clockwork. shit, i was so curious on the journey through the black-hole and afterwards what is behind; the paradise, aliens, hell, more girls? ok, i have to wait for the next experiment or up to one black-hole come around and dispatch us. finally something about to one of the most important things: music! smiles - 'n. 1,4 / magnetic dance' is an edit by daniele losi from 'n 1,4' by the german electronic/krautrock band p'cock. three years later after the original, namely 1983 'n.1,4 / magnetic dance' was released on black dog in italy. back then this edit was huge by danielle baldelli at the cosmic disco in lazise - lake garda. ok finish, i will spent the rest of the day to await the apocalypse, 'smile'(s).