Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

kroma - sexy films

sorry for less posting but finally the summer is here and i am watching the whole day to the sexy girls in the city and in the evening to some sexy films. ok, sexy films is a killer italo masterpiece by kroma. kroma mmmh, i can`t find something about kroma but the executive producer of this track was claudio casalini the chairman of the famous italian label best records (many good releases, acts like gazebo, traks, electra...). sexy films was released 1984 on jumbo records a sub label of best records, aaahhh. it is your turn try, to find one copy , it is hard but you can also watch some sexy films, there are many cheap good ones.

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

Many thanks for sharing Kroma's 'Sexy Films' - seems totally impossible to find a copy anywhere and its kinda suprising this has not been bootlegged or re-edited (it probably has just not heard of it) killer Italo groove...synthpop on steroids ;)