Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

five sinners - magic

this one is written/produced by one of the pioneers in the italien disco scene, celso valli. in the first years he writes the great classics for macho, azoto and tantra, to name a few. in the 80's he is involved in the so callled italo disco music and arranged tracks like peter richard's - walking in the neon (you can find it our blog),RAF - self control, matia bazar - ti siento (frwctrl's michael hit) and so on. today he arranged tracks for stars like eros ramazotti, andrea bocelli... . as five sinners he only made two tracks magic and precious lies. so let's check out the million incredible other tracks he made. ciao ciao

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Oozlum hat gesagt…

This one is interesting. From the first time i listened to the solo coloring the bass in the background i recalled Tantra - A place called tarot. Pretty recognizable celso valli style!