Sonntag, 15. März 2009

felix - tiger stripes

oh man whats a cooperation between these two legends 'cause felix is arthur russell and nicky siano. one more of these crazy and ahead of times production who was arthur russell be involved. for the first time i heard this track years ago in an old metro area set an i fall in love just as well i like tigers. it is from the year 1984 and was released on arthur russells label himself sleeping bag records. finally arthur russell one of these visionary composer and underground disco artist died in 1992, but he leave us such legendary tracks like 'in the light of the miracle', as lola 'wax the van', as loose joints 'is it all over my face' and with nicky once more again as dinosaur 'kiss me again',... the list of tracks is endless if you are interested search for yourself i hope i can make you hungry as a tiger.

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