Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

odyssey - native new yorker

one week till christmas time to go back to the roots, here is a real big classic from the big apple.
definitely the right track at the time to sit on the couch with cup of tea and watch outside the window where the snow is falling.
lovely track, it makes you happy again at this melancholic season.
native new yorker was big in early times in the new yorker clubs such as the studio 54. it was released 1977 on rca victor. grew up ridin' the subways, running with people
up in harlem, down on broadway...

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jerome green hat gesagt…

Hi Christian,

Thank you so much! This is one of the most beautiful songs of the late 70s disco era:

"And whoa-ah-ah-ah, where did all those yesterdays go?
When you still believed love could really be like a Broadway show,
You were the star, when did it close?..."

Lyrics seem so uplifting at times, then throughout is such sadness & longing. Funny, I always think the same thing about this song in connection with Winter. Thanks again.

Peace, Jerome